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11/20/06 - Space Empires V Patch 1.17 Released
The 1.17 patch is ready and available for download now. The new version fixes some problems with lockups at the end of turn processing. It also adds some progress bars during computer player turns and the end of turn. This patch will work on versions 1.00, 1.08, and 1.13 of Space Empires V from retail (not the demo or the Steam version). You can download the patch here .

11/06/06 - Space Empires V Patch 1.13 Released
The 1.13 patch is ready to go for Space Empires V. This new version has the reintroduction of retreat from combat as requested by our beta testers and fans. There's also a bunch of bug fixes. This patch will work on versions 1.00 or 1.08 of Space Empires V from retail (not the demo or the Steam version). You can download the patch here .

10/30/06 - SE5 Patch Coming Soon
Thanks to everyone who sent in bug reports and savegames, we are getting ready to release a new patch for Space Empires V. We're testing it now and are planning to release it on November 6th. Have a Happy Halloween!

10/17/06 - Buy SE5, get SE4 included!
Gamestop and EB have a special promotion going where if you purchase Space Empires V, you get Space Empires IV included. Check them out at EB and GameStop.

10/17/06 - Space Empires V Patch 1.08 Released
The first patch is ready to go for Space Empires V. This new version 1.08 has UI changes requested by our beta testers and fans. And a whole slew of bug fixes from the demo. This patch will only work on version 1.00 Space Empires V from retail (not the demo or the Steam version). You can download the patch here .

10/16/06 - Space Empires V Released
Space Empires V has been released! You can order it online from, play it directly through Steam, or find it in stores like GameStop and EB. Check it out today!

09/18/06 - Space Empires Universe Website
We've just launched a new website dedicated to the entire Space Empires Universe. You can visit it at .

09/18/06 - SE5 Demo Released
The Space Empires V demo has been released. You can find a link to it here .

08/15/06 - SE5 Empire Style
We've posted the specifications for the empire styles used in Space Empires V. You can find them on the SE5 page under "Empire Style". An empire style is equivalent to a ship style used in SE4. The specification includes all of the images, models, and data files used by a specific empire. In SE5, when a human player creates a new empire they can pick any flag, race portrait, and ship style that they wish even if they are from different empire styles. However, an AI empire will use a single set to represent itself.

07/10/06 - SE5 Update
Greetings! Yes we're still alive and kicking. Sorry for the lack of news but we're still hard at work squashing bugs. As you may have realized, SE5 is a huge beast of a game and there are many areas to test and smooth out. We've gotten a lot of emails about the "Winter 2006" release date on the website. Not to worry, that was mainly to keep us from having to keep changing it. Right now were on track for an August release and we'll try very hard to make it.

04/26/06 - SE5 Screenshots
Sorry it took so long to get some new screenshots up. We're just working hard killing bugs and getting the game ready for release. Hope you like them. The first one is a nice fighter furball and the second one recommends that you don't mess with the Terran Dreanought! Enjoy them in the SE5 Gallery.

03/03/06 - SE4 Deluxe Patch 2
We've just released a new patch for Space Empires IV Deluxe. This patch will upgrade your version 1.94 to version 1.95. This new patch fixes a few minor bugs and adds a new intro menu for easy access to all of the included content. Players who purchased the game through Steam do not need this patch as their version is already at 1.95 (and Steam will automatically update the game as any new versions are released). You can pick up the patch here

Note: We had a slight snafu on Wedneday/Thursday with the first version of this patch. There were a couple of problems so we pulled it immediately. The corrected patch is now posted. If you downloaded Thursday's version, then do the following:
If you own the Downloadable Version of SE4 Deluxe, then you need to reinstall the game, and then apply this patch.
If you own an upgraded SE4 Standard or SE4 Gold, just apply this patch.
If you own the Steam version of SE4, you don't need this patch at all!

02/12/06 - More SE5 Info
Due to the constant requests, we posted some features and improvements over SE4 on the SE5 main page. Enjoy.

01/09/06 - Happy New Year!
Happy New year to everbody! SE5 is still in progress and going well. We're shooting for a release a little later this year. We wish you all the best in 2006!

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