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07/21/14 - Space Captain Version 1.05 Released
A new version of Space Captain has been released on Google Play . It fixes Google Play listing some devices as incompatible.

07/08/14 - Space Captain Version 1.04 Released
A new version of Space Captain has been released on Google Play . It fixes a few bugs.

05/02/14 - Space Captain Version 1.02 Released
A new version of Space Captain has been released on Google Play . It fixes a few minor bugs with entering the Captain's Name.

04/28/14 - Space Captain Released!
Space Captain has been released on Google Play . Try the demo and buy the full version today!

12/18/13 - Space Captain Announced!
Finally, we've announced "Space Captain", our new Android game. Check out the webpage for some screenshots. If all goes well, we should have a release shortly!

03/25/13 - Android Game
Sorry for the lack of news. We've been going through a move the last couple of months. Work continues on the Android game and I really hope to release some screenshots next month. We're shooting for a summer release!

04/16/12 - Android Game
Hey everbody, yes we're still alive! We're hard at work on our first Android game. We hope to release some screenshots in the next couple of months.

05/23/11 - World Supremacy Patch 1.09 Released
The 1.09 patch for World Supremacy is now available. This patch fixes some multiplayer issues and an AI lockup. Please read the history.txt for a complete list. You can download the patch here.

01/19/11 - World Supremacy Patch 1.06 Released
The 1.06 patch for World Supremacy is now available. This patch fixes some multiplayer issues and an AI lockup. Please read the history.txt for a complete list. You can download the patch here.

12/27/10 - World Supremacy Patch 1.05 Released
The 1.05 patch for World Supremacy is now available for download. This patch improves the AI in many ways. Please read the history.txt for a complete list. You can download the patch here.

12/27/10 - World Supremacy Multiplayer Maps Released
A package of multiplayer maps has been released for World Supremacy. These maps range in size from small to gigantic and can be played in both multiplayer and single player. To use the maps for multiplayer, all players must have the map pack installed on their machine. You can download the maps here.

12/27/10 - World Supremacy New Demo Released
A new demo version of World Supremacy has been released. This new demo highlights the AI improvements added in the new patch. You can download the demo here.

11/30/10 - World Supremacy Patch 1.01 Released
The 1.01 patch for World Supremacy is now available for download. This patch fixes various bugs and balance issues. Check the history.txt for a complete list. You can download the patch here.

11/22/10 - World Supremacy Released

The Balloon Goes Up: World Supremacy Released!
Strategic Turn Based Modern Global Warfare Now Available On Your PC!

Cary, NC, 22 November 2010

It is the beginning of the end. Crushed beneath government issue boots the white dove of peace spasms its last movements in a pool of crimson. Across the land jet engines spool up, shells are chambered in turrets, and the target coordinates for nuclear missiles are programmed. War has come to the world and when all the radioactive dust settles there will only be room for one superpower. Welcome to World Supremacy, the latest game from Malfador Machinations, developer of the acclaimed Space Empires series!

Released today by Shrapnel Games, World Supremacy is available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as a download for only $29.95. At the same time a fully featured demo is also available to try before you buy.

World Supremacy is a turn based game of global conquest. Light in the rules department, heavy in the strategy area, World Supremacy is a beer and pretzels wargame whose roots can be traced back to such games as Axis and Allies, Supremacy, and Empire Deluxe. Set in the contemporary era players command infantry, armor, helicopters, jets, submarines, nuke and neutron bombs, in an all out battle to control the world. No diplomacy, only destruction.

Gameplay is easy. Your territories and cities provide you with income. With this income new military units can be built. These units, consisting of a choice between thirteen land unit types, eight air units, and seven sea units (and all these have three levels of improvement) can then be ordered to go forth and conquer, either enemy territories or neutral territories. If there are enemy units in these territories a fast playing tactical battle is played for control. Repeat until you have conquered the world or you, yourself, have been conquered.

There is research and development present, although in keeping with the beer and pretzels style of the game the tech trees don't drill down to the "You've created a new hex nut!" level. Special weapons such as nuclear missiles and neutron bombs add another layer of strategy. Nukes can destroy cities, thereby reducing a nation's economic flow. Neutron bombs leave the land alone but decimate troops.

World Supremacy, being a Malfador Machinations game, of course fully supports the use of mods. Certain game elements are hard coded, but such things as creating new maps will be easy enough to do. Speaking of maps, each session creates a new random map, making each game of World Supremacy a new experience.

We hear there's this crazy new trend out there called multiplayer gaming. For those of you looking to nuke your buddies you'll be happy to know that World Supremacy supports up to eight players. Multiplayer can be done via hotseat play or TCP/IP online play.

Now, while we'd love for everyone to stop by and purchase the game because we'd said so, chances are you're going to want to play a demo. There is a demo available which showcases the important aspects of World Supremacy. The demo is single-player only, has a few missing units and map types (hey, no one will buy the cow if they get the milk for free), and there is a turn limit when playing. You can grab the demo and read more about the game by visiting its official product page:


Anxious to purchase? Head on over to our store, the Gamers Front, and get World Supremacy for Windows now for $29.95:


To check out our complete catalog of award-winning titles please visit www.shrapnelgames.com, a wonderfully eclectic mix of the best in independent gaming. Our most recent addition (err, most recent prior to World Supremacy's release) to join the catalog, Bronze, a historical puzzle/strategy game set in ancient Mesopotamia, has already been getting rave reviews. James Allen of Out Of Eight awarded it a 7 out of 8, saying, "With unique mechanics, diverse civilizations, and quality computer opponents, those looking for something a bit different in the strategy genre should take an extended glance towards Bronze." Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civilization IV tweeted, "Bronze is a remarkably elegant design. Worth playing."

To visit the Shrapnel Games blog go to:

08/11/10 - WS Beta Test Lottery Finished
The lottery for beta tester positions on World Supremacy is now complete. Thanks to everyone that entered. Emails will be going out today to those lucky winners!

08/02/10 - World Supremacy Beta Test
The World Supremacy beta test is almost ready to start and we're having a lottery for the available slots. If you are interested in beta testing World Supremacy, just fill out this form and email it back to us at ws@malfador.com. The lottery will be next week and we'll announce the results then.

07/27/10 - Facebook Space Empires
Hey everybody, just a note that you should check out Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy on Facebook. Its an interesting blend of strategy and social interaction. I like the planetary interface and building your colonies with a hands-on approach. Casual networking games are definitely the wave of the future, and its good to see this incarnation of Space Empires joining the new era. You can check out the game at https://www.facebook.com .

07/27/10 - Space Empires: Battle For Supremacy Available Now On Facebook

Space Empires Game Designer Aaron Signs Up
From July.27 August.2,2010 any who signs up will receive a promo to Purchase Space Empires V for $2.49 from Strategy First Inc.

San Francisco, CA, July.27, 2010 Nvinium Games Inc. a social entertainment and gaming network announced today that Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy a casual Facebook game based on the popular Strategy First Space Empires franchise is now available.

Space Empires is a versatile franchise that will fit well into the Facebook universe. said original game designer Aaron Hall. Older Space Empire fans as well as current casual gamers should definitely take a look at the new incarnation of the game. I'm looking forward to seeing how this new world develops.

Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy marks the beginning of a new chapter in the series that gives players the ultimate experience in a real-time 3D universe. The original Space Empires released in 1993, has become one of the top 4X strategy games and has spawned four sequels. The award winning series most recent iteration, Space Empires V, with completely updated UI takes the player into a real-time rendered 3D universe. Space battles play out with incredible detail and realistic effects in a huge living and breathing galaxy. The series has received countless recognition for its creativity, originality, and mod-friendly environment.

The Space Empires series dates back to the beginning of time, when the battle for galactic domination and survival waged on between races throughout space. In a constant competition, different races use their powers to conquer and colonize a multitude of planets and keep them safe from rivals. For more information about Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy, please follow us on Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/space-empires/ , Twitter or visit us at http://www.playspaceempires.com/

As part of the launch celebration anyone who sings up between July.27 August.2, 2010 will receive a promo code allowing them to purchase Space Empires V for $2.49 instead of its usual $14.99 price point. Everyone is invited to purchase the product at http://www.strategyfirst.com/en/games/SpaceEmpiresV/ For more information about Nvinium Games, please visit www.nvinium.com.

Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy Game Features:

- Detailed tactical combat pitting players to pilot the Command Ship and three Class 1 War Ships to take down their enemies (translation: Facebook friends)
- An expansive galaxy to explore, with 100 solar systems each playing host to 15 planets
- Access technology through research facilities and earn points over time with improvements and upgrades
- Climb the leader boards and master the four pillars of game play: military strength, empire dominance, racial superiority and crop mastery
- Use structures and resources to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time
- Test your mettle against friends and foes in real time, head to head battles for experience and bragging rights

About Nvinium Games
Nvinium Games Inc. is a Social Entertainment/Game Network that includes games and sites such as UW-Covert Ops, MMOFury.com, Unforgivenwar.com, MafiaChaos.com and Unforgivenww2.com, Contractedassassin.com and Stumpygames.com. By combining proprietary technology with community support systems, Nvinium Games creates social games and sites that grow virally and have a high degree of user interactivity. With a management team of over 100 combined years of experience in both the software publishing and online game industry, Nvinium Games is positioned to be one of the leading companies in today's exploding social game market. For more information please visit www.nvinium.com/

About Strategy First Inc
Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings is a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC. Founded in 1990, the Company is well known for its proprietary groundbreaking titles, such as the award winning Disciples, Jagged Alliance and Space Empires. www.strategyfirst.com

07/20/10 - World Supremacy Screenshots
Wow, really, new screenshots? Yes! We're keeping our fingers crossed to start the beta testing in August.

05/03/10 - World Supremacy Almost Ready
We're getting close to having World Supremacy done. We hope to start beta testing next month. Details on the beta test will be posted here. We'll try and get some new screenshots posted later this month!

12/23/09 - New SE5 Patch Links
There are some new and alternate patch links on the SE5 patch page.

07/06/09 - World Supremacy Screenshots
Some early screenshots for World Supremacy are up. You can see them here. We're shooting for a release before the end of the year!

05/06/09 - Space Empires V Patch 1.79 Released
The 1.79 patch is now available for download. This patch fixes various bugs and balance issues. Check the history.txt for a complete list. This patch will work on versions 1.00, 1.08, 1.13, 1.17, 1.20, 1.25, 1.33, 1.35, 1.44, 1.58, 1.63, 1.66, 1.71, 1.74, and 1.77 of Space Empires V from US retail (not the demo, Steam, or European version). You can download the patch here.

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